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Google PPC Improves Your Onsite Visitor Traffic Rate

Remarketing is the need of the hour. Whether users are casually browsing on social media or looking for something specific online, you can grab their attention by showcasing relevant ads with effective retargeting.

Remarketing’s most significant benefit is that you can engage with your visitors even after they have left your website. You can re-engage and remind them to return and finish what they had started. Therefore, it is a useful tool in improving the conversion rate of your visitors into customers.

At Search Impulse, our experts help you gain repeat visitors, enhanced brand awareness, and maximize the benefits from your SEO strategy.

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Our Google Ads experts come with years of experience in assisting small and medium-sized businesses to establish modern digital marketing techniques well within their budget.

The Pay Per Click process of Google Ads allows individual businesses to place a ‘bid’ on particular keywords to improve their advertisements’ rankings. As a result, with the effective implementation of the Google Ads campaign, we can get your website to reach the top spot in search results. Plus, you can see the results much faster with Google Ads in comparison to organic SEO campaigns.
Our Campaign managers help you find the correct target audience and design a strategy that includes the right keywords working in your favor.

Account Structure

Account Structure

The Google Accounts Structure evolves and changes over time. A well-planned implementation ensures that any search that leads to your ad is relevant for the target audience segment.
Your scores improve in quality, giving you better results at a much lower cost. Lastly, an optimized Accounts Structure helps you optimize by keeping you organized.

Campaign Optimization

Cut your spending and increase your clicks with optimized campaigns. We review and refine your keyword list regularly so that your ads are perpetually in sync with what the clients are searching for. We implement different keyword matching options to find the right fit at the minimum possible cost.
Our campaign optimization services also cover regular testing of your ad and landing pages. And, we use location targeting so that your ads show only in relevant regions of the country.

Conversion Analysis

Once your GoogleAds campaign is up and running, it needs to work correctly for your business growth. Enter Conversion Analysis. It is an essential tool for assessing the effectiveness of your ad campaign. With the help of our expert analysis techniques, we can help you determine accurate conversion tracking.
Our process also includes assessment for the webpage, calls on-site, and app downloads. We can track conversions at various levels and optimize them to improve your brand reach.

On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is a combination of various processes, techniques, and practices to make it possible for the search engine to locate and include your webpage in its top search results. We create content that is optimized for your website and targets audiences in a specific location. Therefore, if you want to grow your business in Jacksonville. then our local on-page SEO services are perfect for attracting only those located here.

Local SEO - Google My Business

Having a GMB, or Google My Business, the listing can work wonders for promoting your business locally. We create and optimize your GMB listings such that you appear in the top results every time a relevant search is conducted.
Google Maps users typically search with intent. Moreover, these searches are location-specific to a large extent. Therefore, an optimized Google My Business listing is beneficial for attracting the right type of visitors to your website as they are more likely to convert into paying clients.

Technical SEO

While most agencies consider Technical SEO as a part of your on-page strategy, at Search Impulse, we give it its own space. The sheer extent of coverage of your website’s technical SEO requires it to have its optimization strategy. We focus on analyzing and improving your website’s technical aspects to make it faster to use and more comfortable for the search engine to crown and display. If you want to be a part of Google’s best possible search query results, we recommend a holistic approach to implementing technical SEO for your online platform.

How Our Google Ads
& Remarketing Services Work in Jacksonville

Google Ad campaigns are carefully designed to attract the right visitor to your website. However, due to various reasons, the visitor may not convert into a customer. But, we do not let the campaign effort go to waste. Our practical retargeting work begins as soon as the visitors leave your page. As they visit Google or any other linked page, your ads appear to remind them of your products or services, which they were browsing earlier.

As a result, visitors are remarketed, and they return to your local website. Such reminders, therefore, are subtly designed to increase conversion rates and improve your revenues.

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