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Dental SEO Requires an Expert in this Field Of Online Marketing

Dental practices, like most medical practices, do rely on returning patients. That is just a fact. From a small family dentist to the larger clinics that abound, although most accept new patients, the reality is that most rely on regular business from their existing clients. At some point in their lives, most individuals will need a dentist, but many prolong or delay procedures. Good oral health is tied into good general overall health, and this is an essential fact that providers need to focus on.

The challenge with finding and keeping clients arises when a dental provider does not have an optimal Search Engine presence. The search and scheduling of appointments online have risen approximately 50% over the past decade among consumers. This includes new patients and returning patients. Not only does not finding a dental practice online frustrate current clients, but it also can cause the dental practice to miss out on new patients who are seeking a dentist for routine cleanings or emergency dental services.

The only way to ensure proper dental SEO is to use basic principles coupled with the latest updated techniques. It is a science and not anywhere near a once-and-done type of endeavor. However, the four principles below are a great starting point.

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Truthfully, any dental practice that does not explicitly use Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency for the BEST SEO is losing revenues, clicks, and new patient registrations each day. Consultations are FREE, so there is nothing to lose and everything to gain in skyrocketing your dental practice to top rankings and conversions!

What is Search Engine Optimization for Dental Practices?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for dental practices uses a combination of the correct keywords and other search engine optimization techniques to position a dental practice on the first page of any search results. It has long been known that most individuals seeking dentistry, or even looking for their current provider to book an appointment, will focus on the first page of results, especially the top ten listings.  

Even with existing clients, if a dentist is not found on the first page, the client might put off booking an appointment as dentistry, above all other practices, tends to see more cancellations and a lack of follow-up by existing clients. New clients will skip to the following listing.  Therefore, it takes a “fine touch” and knowledge of dentistry terms and correct SEO to achieve the desired rankings

Why Hiring A Dental Online Marketing Expert Can Help You Dominate The Competition

Dentistry SEO is not only industry-specific but is also geographically specific. Unless a patient needs specific dental procedures from a specialist for severe problems, most individuals choose a dentist close to their location. 

This does require optimization that uses the latest techniques to focus on specific areas. These techniques can employ the use of MAPS to show the location and help with optimization as well as terms that will organically pull up the practices closest to the searcher, including the dental office they might currently be using. 

The time and energy needed to develop a step-by-step plan and track the results continually can be too much for most DIY dentist website maintenance. SEO is a science and changes often, so the methods employed change as quickly as light speed. Keeping a dental practice running is difficult enough. Keeping a website optimized correctly for dentistry, next to impossible by an employee of the practice!

The only way to ensure high rankings AND callbacks or appointment scheduling through optimization is by hiring Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency with its YEARS of experience in dental SEO science! 

Dental Specific Keyword Research

Probably one of the most critical aspects. Keyword research must be specific to the dental industry and area-specific as well. It must be thorough and complete and reflect the current search trends in online marketing.  

Dental Website Optimization

This includes all pictures, all meta descriptions, the load times of a site (slow load times do decrease rankings) and many other types of optimization techniques that only experts such as Search Impulse are privy to. Load times are crucial as pictures are used routinely throughout a dental website and too large a picture will slow down the load time. Photos of the staff are routine, and these must be optimized to the fullest.  

Content Creation That Attracts New Dental Patients

In dentistry, the content on a website must be highly keyword targeted and make consumers feel comfortable. Studies have shown that the practices with a more laid back, family-oriented atmosphere get more calls and more clients than those more scientifically written. Dental phobias exist, and the content must address this issue and put visitors at ease when they visit a dental website.  

Link Building From Reputable Dental Information Sites

Most patients like to gather information on any dental procedures. Having excellent links to quality information that they can view will enhance the optimization and the calls for appointments. Any links should always lead to great information and not be just random links.  

Local SEO - Google My Business

Having a GMB, or Google My Business, the listing can work wonders for promoting your business locally. We create and optimize your GMB listings such that you appear in the top results every time a relevant search is conducted.
Google Maps users typically search with intent. Moreover, these searches are location-specific to a large extent. Therefore, an optimized Google My Business listing is beneficial for attracting the right type of visitors to your website as they are more likely to convert into paying clients.

Technical SEO

While most agencies consider Technical SEO as a part of your on-page strategy, at Search Impulse, we give it its own space. The sheer extent of coverage of your website’s technical SEO requires it to have its optimization strategy. We focus on analyzing and improving your website’s technical aspects to make it faster to use and more comfortable for the search engine to crown and display. If you want to be a part of Google’s best possible search query results, we recommend a holistic approach to implementing technical SEO for your online platform.

The Components of Google's Dental Services Search Results Page

Can You Do Dental SEO On Your Own?

Using the four basic principles listed above is certainly possible, but most practices lack the time, effort, knowledge, and resources needed to be effective. There is more to it than the basic principles listed above and adding additional techniques into the marketing mix makes a HUGE difference in results! Most DIY webmasters know little about the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and mishandle these.  

Common Questions about Dental Search Engine Marketing

The answer to this is very variable. Though SEO is possibly one of the most effective ways for a company to advertise its services online, it is never a magic bullet. Depending on the amount of competition, it can take 3-6 months for the optimization to show positive results on average. However, the more thorough the optimization and the more updates that are done as far as content and backlinking, the faster the results will possibly be. All marketing takes time to show results, and SEO is a form of marketing.

Dentistry is different as it requires return customers regularly, with updated content. The Search Engines must crawl and rank each time, and this takes time. Dentistry is also a specific industry and must be targeted geographically, geared towards its size, the amount of local competition, and the services offered. Only an SEO dental practice specialist can assist, but patience and time are needed. Specific trigger keywords are used, and they can be high competition keywords; hence the time it takes for the SEO to reach effectiveness. 

The simple answer for this. A dental practice is a business that needs SEO. Online marketing is now a priority of all companies. Most individuals now search for services online. Gone are the days of phone book listings and other offline marketing. Search results and online marketing is increasing and will continue to increase! 

Lack of a significant presence online, especially for dental offices, will see a dwindling of incoming calls and, of course, new patients!

What Exactly Is SEO For Dental Practice Businesses?

The dental industry requires a particular type of SEO as it must be extremely targeted. Knowledge of the dental business is also necessary.
The competition within each area can be pretty high. Although dentists don’t travel outside their general area, licensing in each location is different, so the territory covered can require laser-type focus on each area in which other dental practices operate.

Types of dental practices can also differ from functional requirements to aesthetics, and minor keywords can be used.

All SEO requires keyword research and the inclusion of primary keyword terms, as well as secondary. These terms need to be seamlessly integrated into the content on a dental website. All other strategies must be handled with specific area targeting as well.

How A Dental SEO Company Can Help Grow Your Local Dental Business

The goal in dental SEO is not only achieving rankings but acquiring new patient leads. After all, even if DIY SEO is applied and by sheer luck and research, a site achieves top rankings, dental practices need new customer calls and registrations in each area they serve to perform the work.

A well-optimized dental website must not only rank but sell!

Of course, any high rankings are good, but to be honest, is earning the trust of the new patient is what counts in the end! Nothing is more frustrating than finding that many visits have occurred, yet the phone is not ringing, or the forms are not being filled out for contact. Basic SEO can be established in a DIY fashion, but for actual results in the dental industry, Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency becomes crucial to obtain top rankings and, most importantly, maintain those rankings and get your practice, new patients!


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