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Air Conditioning and HVAC Online Marketing Is Industry Specific and Challenging

Though most homes and businesses rely on air conditioning for cooling and heating, the home or business owners fail to understand the importance of having a proper AC and HVAC (an acronym for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system installed correctly to run optimally and safe. A similar thing occurs to AC & HVAC companies when searching for ways to marketing their businesses on the Internet. For example, inefficient AC and HVAC units cost more in lost energy. Still, it is essential to hire the right AC & HVAC SEO expert to run your advertising correctly and profitable.

SEO is a science and more of a science for AC and HVAC contractors as individuals searching for these services need education on the service and feel comfortable with the company they choose. The SEO and the wording of the website must be flawless yet easy to read. The components of good SEO must be there first and foremost.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) must be specific to the industry in choice of keywords and other optimization techniques and specific to the areas that an AC and HVAC contractor services.  

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What is Search Engine Optimization for Air Conditioning and HVAC Contractors?

SEO for AC and HVAC contractors uses a combination of the correct keywords and other search engine optimization techniques that take a lot of research toward the proper keywords and methods to seek placement on the first page of any search results. Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency will explore to find these industry-specific and geographic-specific search terms yet will seek to engage any visitor to the website with content that shows knowledge yet is not difficult for a visitor to understand.   

Placing in the top ten results for any service business is imperative as most individuals searching online only view the first page of results. However, the content for an AC and HVAC contractor must also be “readable” for the average individual as it is not a field where many individuals have a great deal of knowledge.  In other words, placement counts, but so does a tone and style that makes a visitor contact the AC and HVAC contractor. There is a delicate balance here within this industry.

Why Hire An AC & HVAC Online Marketing Expert?

Most individuals tend to “forget” about the routine care and maintenance that comes with any AC or HVAC unit. They lose countless amounts of money before realizing there is a problem. Or worse, when considering an installation of forced air apparatus, they choose a general contractor with little to no knowledge of proper and safe installation. Especially with HVAC, which includes heating and cooling, there can be a much-increased chance of fire or even mold buildup when not correctly installed and then maintained routinely. The same can be said when trying to increase exposure thru digital marketing, specifically when looking for an SEO agency that does excellent SEO work. Homeowners are time-strapped right now and are using the internet to seek out products and services. A service business must rank in the top ten search results in order not to lose business.  The AC and HVAC industry needs an expert who understands the industry and how to achieve these quality rankings. The competition is fierce; make no mistake online! 

Keyword Research Specific to AC and HVAC

Finding the right keywords for this industry and then using them in the proper tone and context must be employed throughout a site for this type of business. There are no cutting corners, and primary and minor keyword usage will make a big difference, but only if the keywords are the best possible.  

AC and HVAC Website Optimization

Slow load times do decrease rankings, which mainly occurs because of the size of the pictures used. 

The HVAC industry uses many pictures to effectively explain the services and components needed in installation and maintenance. Many other types of optimization techniques and follow-up must be applied. Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency knows the “ins and outs” of this industry and uses them correctly.   

Content Creation for AC and HVAC Contractors

In the AC industry, the content must be informational yet simplistic enough that an average visitor immediately understands the topic and what that industry means, and what a contractor can provide. Again, it is a delicate balance, as the keywords must reflect the industry, the geographic area and then incorporate the information so that a visitor immediately understands.  

Most visitors only spend approximately one to two minutes on a website unless their attention is grabbed immediately. Specific yet straightforward wording is necessary for this industry.

Link Building From Reputable AC & HVAC Information Sites

An AC or HVAC contractor needs to provide information on their website that is understandable, and links to other information sites on the industry keep a visitor engaged and add to the optimization overall. Link building to other good articles or sites will enhance rankings quickly and show knowledge of the industry, while relevant, powerful backlinks (links from other sites) give the website power and attention from Google to help with ranking.

Local SEO - Google My Business

Having a GMB, or Google My Business, the listing can work wonders for promoting your business locally. We create and optimize your GMB listings such that you appear in the top results every time a relevant search is conducted.
Google Maps users typically search with intent. Moreover, these searches are location-specific to a large extent. Therefore, an optimized Google My Business listing is beneficial for attracting the right type of visitors to your website as they are more likely to convert into paying clients.

Technical SEO

While most agencies consider Technical SEO as a part of your on-page strategy, at Search Impulse, we give it its own space. The sheer extent of coverage of your website’s technical SEO requires it to have its optimization strategy. We focus on analyzing and improving your website’s technical aspects to make it faster to use and more comfortable for the search engine to crown and display. If you want to be a part of Google’s best possible search query results, we recommend a holistic approach to implementing technical SEO for your online platform.

Can You Do AC and HVAC SEO On Your Own?

It is possible, but even the luckiest contractor will delay results for possibly years, or worse yet, be banned by Google for not following the current guidelines which change frequently. 

Only a firm such as Search Impulse will have the tools to propel results the most quickly without worrying about getting banned.  

In addition, there is so much to optimization now, that few contractors have the time to develop an optimization campaign properly. This costs time and money and can bring no results at all

The Components of Google's Local AC & HVAC Search Results Page

Common Questions about Air Conditioning and HVAC SEO

A “general” answer is about six months. SEO is not an exact science, nor a quick fix, and patience is needed. Much depends on the amount of competition within specific areas that are targeted, and no two sites or AC and HVAC contractors will enjoy the same length of time. There is no “magic bullet,” but it is worth waiting for the leads and calls to start pouring in.

HVAC is a specific industry and must be targeted geographically, geared towards its size, the amount of local competition, and the services offered. Only an SEO specialist in AC & HVAC can assist, but patience and time are needed. Specific trigger keywords are used, and they can be high competition keywords; hence the time it takes for the SEO to reach effectiveness.

The simple answer for this is, HVAC is a business that needs SEO. Online marketing is now a priority of all companies. Most individuals now search for services online. Gone are the days of phone book listings and other offline marketing. Search results and online marketing is increasing and will continue to increase! 

Lacking a significant presence online, especially for the AC & HVAC business, will see a dwindling of incoming calls for repairs and installs! In some parts of the country, HVAC repair can be seasonal for the most part. Still, individuals search for AC contractors during the off-season months or emergencies, so a stable online presence must be achieved and maintained. 

What Exactly Is SEO For Air Conditioning & HVAC Businesses?

The AC and HVAC industry requires a particular type of SEO as it must be extremely targeted. Knowledge of the HVAC industry is also necessary.

The competition within each area can be pretty high. Although HVAC technicians travel outside their general area, licensing in each location is different, so the territory covered can require laser-type focus on each area in which other HVAC businesses operate.

Types of AC and HVAC services can also differ from functional requirements to aesthetics, and minor keywords can be used.

All SEO requires keyword research and the inclusion of primary keyword terms, as well as secondary. These terms need to be seamlessly integrated into the content on an AC HVAC website. All other strategies must be handled with specific area targeting as well.

How An Expert AC & HVAC SEO Company To Help Your AC Repair Business Grow?

The goal in AC HVAC SEO is not only achieving rankings but acquiring new service leads. After all, even if DIY SEO is applied and by sheer luck and research, a site achieves top rankings, HVAC businesses need new customer calls and leads in each area they serve to perform the work.

A well-optimized AC HVAC website must not only rank but sell!

Of course, any high rankings are good, but to be honest, being awarded the job is what counts in the end! Nothing is more frustrating than finding that many visits have occurred, yet the phone is not ringing, or the forms are not being filled out for contact. Basic SEO can be established in a DIY fashion, but for actual results in the AC industry, Search Impulse Digital Marketing Agency becomes crucial to obtain top rankings and, most importantly, maintain those rankings and land those contracts!


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